Smart Plug

Our powerful Smart Plug is certified for loads up to  16A / 3680W. With a compact design, you can have two Smart Plugs in a dual socket.

Typical use

Functionality may depend on support in Hub/APP

  • On/Off control of any electrical device
    (Directly on the Smart Plug and in your Smart Home APP)
  • Heat control (requires a temperature sensor)
  • Countdown timer (0-24 hours)
  • Real-time indication of power consumption

Built-in safety

  • Cuts power at overload and overheating
  • Thermal fuse

Technical information

General For use with CEE 7/4 (Schuko) socket
Degree of protection: IP20 (Indoor use)
Local Communication Radio protocol: Zigbee
Frequency: 2400-2483,5 MHz (IEEE 802.15.4)
Transmission power: 18dBm
Router functionality
RatingsVoltage:                          230V AC
Maximal load:                16A / 3680W
Operating temperature:    0 to +40° C
Storage temperature:       -20 to +45° C