How To

Getting started

  1. Insert the Smart Plug into an existing power socket. The startup is indicated with the LED blinking red and blue.
  2. After startup, the Smart Plug will search for a joinable network. While scanning the red LED will blink rapidly 3 times.

Factory reset /
Pairing mode

Press the push-button on the Smart Plug for at least 12 sec. to factory reset the Smart Plug and start pairing mode.

LED Indications

LED ColourLED statusDescription
OFFPower is OFF
BLUEBlinking fastSmart Plug is ON in timer mode
BLUEBlinking slowIdentify; repeats while identifying
RED/ BLUEBlinkingThe Smart Plug is starting up
REDONOver-current status.
The connected device’s consumption is above threshold.
Unplug/plug Smart Plug to reset.
RED3 rapid blinksSmart Plug is in pairing mode
REDBlinking slowBlinking every half second.
– Touchlink pairing mode.
Blinking once every second:
– Connection to Hub/gateway is lost.
Blinking once every two seconds:
– Not paired to a Hub/gateway.
REDBlinking very fastTemperature too high.
Disconnect Smart Plug and wait until it has cooled down.

Technical specifications

 General For use with CEE 7/4 (Schuko) socket
Degree of protection: IP20 (Indoor use)
Local Communication Radio protocol: Zigbee
Frequency: 2400-2483,5 MHz (IEEE 802.15.4)
Transmission power: 18dBm
Router functionality
RatingsVoltage:                          230V AC
Frequency:                    50Hz
Maximal load:                16A / 3680W
Operating temperature:    0 to +40° C
Storage temperature:       -20 to +45° C